Dating Challenge – 5 Must-Read Safety Tips in Online Dating

Online dating has been a phenomenon when it comes to meeting a certain someone for you from far places. These days, about 1 of 5 couples have met online. These couples are really grateful for getting to know the right person for them.

However, as the number of people who use this system offered by the internet increases, so did the number of plotting menaces who are out just to take advantage of the people. Even if you’re just chatting online, still bad things may happen to you if you’re not careful. Here are a few tips to be safe in online dating.

  • Don’t give any money.

When the person you’re talking to asks for some cash, stop the conversation immediately. You should just calmly report them to the online dating service.

Many people are good at using their looks for their own advantage. Some of these are good, but sometimes, not. If the person you’re having an online date with says he or she needs some money, then just drop him or her, no matter how attractive that person may be. Whatever may happen in your conversations, never get to the fact that you’re going to give any amount of money.

Here is an excellent article on WikiHow to identify the scammers:

  • Keep your personal and online information safe.

Another thing never to give to the person you’re conversing with is your full name, phone number, address, email or any other valuable information that the dating site doesn’t normally give. What the online dating site gives for the other people to see is enough, nothing more.

  • Be careful when using public computers.

This is a mandatory safety procedure for all of the people who are using computers in public. The people who are just standing near you my just be plotting to get your valuable information. Always keep your personal and online information safe. Look around you before typing in your credentials to make sure that no one is around when you put your information on the online dating website or other different services.

  • Always be alert.

Even just in online dating services, some people may give you promises or whatsoever suspicious things that may catch your interest. These people may use fancy words that might catch you off-guard if you aren’t prepared for them. Be keen even if you’re having a conversation with someone, especially whom you’re having a first time talking to.

  • Suspicious? Block and report them.

If the person you’re having an online date with is acting too suspicious, you should consider blocking and reporting them. All online dating services have their own blocking and reporting system for the people to use. The idea of pointing out the bad persons may be a bit difficult, but just keep in mind that once they get past the border of the online dating system and its rules, they’re scammers.

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All you need to know about the USA Pro Cycling Challenge

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge is a competition which witnessed its inception in the year 2011. It is a yearly held professional level bike or cycling race which is conducted over multiple numbers of days. It was first held in Colorado in its first year and is also called USA Pro Challenge or even America’s Race.

How it started?

On the 4th of August 2010 the USA Pro Cycling Challenge was announced for the first time by Lance Armstrong and the Governor of Colorado Bill Ritter. It was then announced with the name of Quiznos Pro Challenge. Colorado was a state in the United States which had a legacy attached to cycling.

This event looked towards highlighting on this legacy which was further cemented in between the years 1980-1988 by Coors Classic. It has however only on the 4th of February 2011 that the founder of Quiznos who was also the events co-chairman, Mr. Richard E. Schaden announced an initial investment of ten million US dollars in the growth and development of this race.

Features of the race

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge is one of its kinds. It is significant for being one of the three races around the entire United States of America which has got a rating of being a 2 H.C Race. The other two are namely, Tour of California and Tour of Utah. The race covers a total distance which amounts to 992 km. This has earned the USA Pro Cycling Challenge the title of being an extremely prominent race of the country.

List of winners

Over the years the USA Pro Cycling Challenge has been a very interesting and attractive competition. Individuals belonging to different teams have worked very hard to get the prize of the ultimate winner. The winners from 2011 have been as follows:

  • In 2011 a person for United States of America called Levi Leipheimer won the first place. He was a member of team RadioShack.
  • In the year 2012 the winner belonged to the team Garmin-Sharp. He was also from the United States of America and he was Christian Vande Velde.
  • In the year 2013 and 2014 the same man won the prize. He belonged to the BMC Racing Team and he was Tejay van Garderen. Tejay was also like the previous winners from United States.
  • In 2015 the USA Pro Cycling Challenge got its first winner from Australia, however even he belonged to the BMC Racing Team. His name was Rohan Dennis.

It must be noted that over the last three years BMC Racing Team has produced the winners of this race.

Development of the race

It is interesting to note that the first event was held from 22nd to 28th of august and as many as sixteen professional cycling teams had taken part in that year itself. In 2012 four new cities joined the race increasing its reach. In 2013 the race began at Aspen moving through the Rocky Mountains and finishing at downtown Denver. The highlight of the latest edition was of course the first Australian winner.